Morithabd Cathanem

Morithabd by Six

Wyress ~ Vampire ~ Seeress

Age: ~ 440yrsBuild: Curvy hourglassEyes: Seafoam green
Alignment: Lawful NeutralRace: Breton/ReachmenHair: Bright rust with white
  • Business Owner (Books & Oddities)

  • Fortuneteller & Auger

  • Connection to Flora & Fauna

  • Wyress Vampirism Strain (Cathgaidhem)

  • Unstable, Creeping Madness

  • Wyrd Attachment

  • Constant Hunger

  • Superstitious

Character Overview

Morithabd by Six

Morithabd was born on the 29th of Midyear 2E 139 in a small Reach town to unknown, though presumably Breton parents. She spent nearly her entire life with a Wyrd Coven of witches, having been abandoned shortly after her birth then discovered by a passing Cathgaidhem Name-Daughter. Raised by wyresses of nearly every race, she holds no special affinity to a people or society. Instead, Morithabd counts the Elhnofey and Sea as her parents, her Coven, her husband, friends, and Thralls as her community and her forest as her child.

Unlike many of her fellow vampires, Morithabd chose to be embraced.

Her coven’s tradition states that the delicate balance which sustains life's existence must be maintained by a hierarchy of women that includes a number of vampires. Like similar coven strains - including their close allies the Glenmoril, of which they’re often confused - the Cathgaidhem strain of vampirism includes the ability to shift into beastly forms and still appear mortal, but at a similarly high price.

A sacrifice she made willingly for her sisters and The Wyrd.

Though Morithabd outwardly appears Breton - including the slightly pointed ears - she's aware that somewhere in her family tree is a powerful Reachwitch that was alive mere generations ago. Calling upon the sacrificial, ritualized nature of Reach magic is leagues easier for her than others, especially other Wyresses, most of which find the practice abominable. Yet she sees it as an extension of her duty and her deeply held belief that balance is attained by protecting the Wyrd. She’ll use any means necessary to appease or oppose forces that threaten the perfect balance.

Standing at 5'5", Morithabd is considered average by Breton standards and her hourglass frame is stocky with lush curves and hearty muscle. When she is well fed her skin is pale cream and her seafoam-hued eyes have an almost misty quality to them, shifting shades of their own accord. She has an unruly mass of long, vibrant rust and white-colored hair that she manages to tame into loose curls or a messy bun more often than not.

While working at the store, Morithabd wears her take on acceptable garb for a whimsical noblewoman, usually a dark dress or gown with plenty of 'witchy' accessories.

Those meeting Morithabd for the first time usually do so in her capacity as the co-owner of Shrouded Tomes & Treasures. As such, many tend to view her as an aloof, eccentric bookseller rather than a dangerous witch or vampire. However, as her lucidity decreases her demeanor becomes exponentially more unstable and forceful. Be on alert for sudden shifts in her tone or the immediate environment.

Traits & Interests

Morithabd by Six

Fortunetelling and Divination - Though she can divine using many methods including astrology, ritual sacrifice, revelation pool scrying, and tarot readings, etc. Morithabd relies on her instinct and Ehlnofey to guide her. Though each situation, person, question, method, and purpose has a specific ritual that she must perform to focus her intent and abilities. However, with each accurate prediction or prophecy she tells, comes a price.

Unstable - Flighty, moody, neurotic, troubled, short fuse, volatile, emotional, erratic, whimsical or mad. However the observer perceives her volatility, the fact remains that she is becoming more of an unstable woman with the passage of time.

Flora and Fauna - Nature is life for Morithabd and as a Wyress, she sees every facet of it as sacred. Her magic comes from the land itself - the Earth-Bones or Ehlnofey - and she will protect her forest and source of power with every ounce of her being. She can shift herself into two animal forms and is capable of communicating with most natural beasts.

Wyress Vampirism Strain (Cathgaidhem) - Closely affiliated to the Glenmoril Wyrd Coven, the Cathgaidhem strain is nearly identical. Shapeshifting, unnatural healing, supernatural speed, stealth, and hearing. As a vampire, Morithabd has many of the usual benefits without most of the outward signs; permitted that she’s well-fed.

Superstitious - "When the breeze blows southwest for the third day, harvest your crop on the morrow." In Morithabd's opinion, all those folk sayings and strange superstitions exist for a reason. It doesn't matter to her how absurd or illogical sounding the superstition is, she must abide and so must you.

Spears and Staves - Morithabd served her sisters as a warrior well before she became a vampire or seeress by defending them, their forest, and their Wyrd Tree from physical threats. Her fighting style is fluid, with rapid tumbles, spear spins, jumps, and mid-air kicks. All these centuries later, Morithabd is more than capable of wielding her spear to cause harm or to defend herself, but she has people for that now and spends very little time sparing.

Rarities - After several hundred years of life, you'd expect things to become tedious after a while. And you'd be right. To satisfy her urge of the novel, Morithabd enjoys finding and acquiring oddities, trading and selling them out of the stores she shares with her husband. Anything sufficiently scarce or individual enough to be classified as rare or one of a kind is sure to draw her attention.

Relationships & Contacts

Husband: Vinnric EraudeThralls: Darweshir, Telisa
Sisters: Cathgaidhem WyrdClan & Allies: Clan Ravenblood
Mentor: GaelaigrsulaDistant Relative: Kellandria Brezik


  • Morithabd

  • Mori (only family)

  • Bloodied Raved

  • War-Mother

  • War Raven

  • Blood Raven

  • The Wolf's Raven


Shrouded Tomes & Treasures

The Reach and The Enchanted Respite

Her home and the Coven outpost she protects reside within a forest on the ever disputed border of The Reach where she oversees the health of the Wyrd. As the warden of this forest, she acts as a protectress for the land and beings that reside above her cave complex. This includes the fierce Ravenblood Clan, which reveres her and views Morithabd as critical to their ancestry and perhaps, continued existence. It's unwise to not take advantage of a powerful witch, especially a harsh place like the Reach.

Kvatch, Gold Coast - Shrouded Tomes & Treasures

The first iteration of Shrouded Tomes & Treasures was a tiny luxury goods storefront located in Evermore that could barely fit a fifth of their stock. With the assistance of a friend, Morithabd and Vinnric relocated their store to the Kvatch area several years ago. On the surface, it appears that they now enjoy a relatively calm life acquiring and selling interesting items for locals.


Shrouded Tomes & Treasures

Shrouded Tomes & Treasures - While the store is in Kvatch, Morithabd will occasionally travel to community markets in her capacity as a business owner.

Clan Ravenblood - Members of the Ravenblood Clan are under her protection and any that do them harm will face her wrath. Allies to her chosen are treated respectfully and permitted to live within the forest as long as they abide by the rules.

The Wyrd - Wyresses entering her domain are immediately aware that one of their sisters is nearby. The Wyrd Tree and source of power she protects is well guarded and near impossible to find, but not impenetrable.

Fortunetelling, Divination, Augurmancy, Prophecy - If your character is feeling stale, or if you're not sure what to do with them next, Morithabd can help give them a jolt. I'm happy to coordinate specifics OOCly and craft a scene together or surprise you with a tailored scene!

Antiquities, Treasures, Rarities - Is your character looking for something? Do they have something they want to know more about or get rid of?


Love Discovered

I could smell him, not quite a fledgling but younger than myself. My spear was against his throat the moment he crossed over onto the Glen.

Even now I remember his face vividly and the expression of disbelief mixed with his obvious arousal at our bodies against each other. That first time was fierce, primal, desperate, and unyielding. We didn’t speak until we had finished and even then, it would be another several weeks and a handful of climaxes each until we learned the other’s name.

Not long after his first admission of love, I was given my directive to relocate to the Reach and in the same interaction learned that it was my ancestral homeland.

Wyresses of my rank are not commonly paired with men. In truth, we are not commonly paired in the traditional sense at all. Many view us as celibate, monk-like recluses but this is obviously not the case. On the contrary, it is just that men do not have the ability to understand and see The Wyrd, and the women that do are also Wyresses.

My Sight does not seem to care about such trivial matters.

The next time we met each other in the woods for another session, I told him of my orders and the path I would soon walk. I told him about our union, my purpose, my future, and that he would come with me to join me on this path. Then I told him how I Knew.

Vinnric, bless him, didn’t seem at all bothered. Instead, he took me by the hand and kissed me. That was the first time we made love.


Hi there! If you're interested in this character and would like to RP with Morithabd, please reach out and let me know. She's available for situational encounters or long-term campaigns and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to content. Her history and backstory allow her to be nearly anywhere from Southern Cyrodiil to Solstheim and all the places between :) Please keep in mind that Morithabd is a vampire, but doesn't advertise it or appear outwardly as one unless stated IC.

In-Game: [PC-NA] @EmpressValkyrie
Discord: @EmpressValkyrie#1337

No Drama Llamas
Just Be Fucking Nice

Original Art Credit
The only piece of art I have for Morithabd was created by Six, of the ESO-RP community.

Behind the Scenes
Morithabd was originally a Glenmoril Wyress, but after the release of Greymoor, I revised her backstory to account for the change in lore that allowed for custom vampire bloodlines. Instead, the Cathgaidhem Wyrd is an offshoot of the Glenmoril allowing Morithabd to keep the potential of 'curing' monstrous afflictions.


Art References

Specific Art Piece
At the bookstore in Kvatch, Vinnric is interacting with customers and Morithabd is watching them with an adoring expression. There is at least one of their cats in the background.

Imagine a local independent bookstore on Main Street but in Tamriel's Gold Coast. Nothing quite matches, but it manages to work with fabulous style. They keep the heavy drapes closed, there's an abundance of greenery and the cats roam free.

Morithabd's Details
Race: TES Breton descended Reachfolk (human, with slightly pointed ears)
Visible Age: Late Twenties with eyes of an "old soul"
Build: Thicc, curvy and sexy. Would have been very muscular in her youth.
Skin: Very pale, nearly porcelain.
Scars or Tattoos: A large, thick scar runs nearly the length of her outer left thigh.
Eyes: large, almond-shaped, lined with kohl and seafoam colored (#9DC3AA)
Hair: Bright rust with a chunk of white (toward the left side) and stark white strands dotted throughout. Frizzy and coarse, she tames it to waves that are pinned up to cascade artfully down her back.
Makeup: A glamourous version of tribal with bright red lips and eye makeup that resembles a raven profile (see image; a touch less thick)
Jewelry: So SO much... Think stereotypical fortune teller or tribal wise woman but fancily elevated. Partially gilded natural specimens such as bones, shells, teeth, feathers, stones, etc. Feathers with silvered veins, appointed with jewels.
Clothing: Impeccable. Gothic fortune-telling fancy druid dress with a subtle thorned vine pattern in the fabric that appears barely there. Each item fits her like a glove. The devil is in the details and the game model don't do her wardrobe justice.
Default Posture/Stance: Rigid. Proper. Unmoving. Eerie.
Default Expression: Dazed and out of focus, as if she's seeing something beyond.

Staff: Would sit off to the side or by the door. Is very similar to the game model, but the Ravenblood symbol is incorporated.
Token: a gold raven feather, like the ones on her staff.
Other: Has fangs that are visible if she smiles broadly.


Original Art Credit
The only piece of art I currently have for Morithabd was created by Six, of the ESO-RP community.

Body Claim
Face Claim